Professur für Biologische und Kognitive Psychologie


lic. phil. Fabian Probst

+41 31 631 54 35
D 270
Institut für Psychologie
Universität Bern
Fabrikstrasse 8
CH-3012 Bern
Nach Vereinbarung
  • Neurobiological foundations of social interaction
  • The hormonal mechanisms that guide human’s decision-making
  • Cuteness related to faces
  • Mate choice
Lobmaier, J. S., Bobst, C., & Probst, F. (2016). Can women detect cues to ovulation in other women's faces? Biology Letters, 12(1). (download.pdf)
Lobmaier, J. S., Klatt, W. K., Lory, V., & Probst, F. (in press). The many sides of the periovulational coin: comment on Havliček et al. Behavioral Ecology. (download.pdf

Probst, F., Bobst, C., & Lobmaier, J. S. (2016). Testosterone-to-oestradiol ratio is associated with female facial attractiveness. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 69(1), 89-99.(download.pdf)
Lobmaier, J.S.*, Probst, F.*, Perrett, D.I., & Heinrichs, M. (in press). Menstrual cycle phase affects discrimination of infant cuteness. Hormones & Behavior. (*shared first co-authorship) (download.pdf)


Golle, J., Probst, F., Mast, F.W., & Lobmaier, J.S. (in press). Preference for cute infants does not depend on their ethnicity or species: Evidence from hypothetical adoption and donation paradigms. PLoS ONE. (download.pdf)